Almost December

December starts tomorrow and with that the countdown for the Model S assumes another dimension:  the last piece of information said “week of December 17th”. Never mind that that day is not even in the middle of the week!

I can already see it now: the waiting anguish rising in waves of discomfort.


What happened to you

– What happened to you?
– What do you mean?
– I was told you flipped?
– More or less, it was the stress, the arrival of my Model S.

um dia nozes2
Screenshot from here: EU superchargers list

One day I will be there.

I always wrote Super Charger. To write the image caption, I went to the website to get the link and, voila, it is written Supercharger. Correction done.


The car is big. You do the test drive and measurements don’t come to mind. You realize its real size when you think you have the garage ready. You measure, you confirm. The beast is big. It’s a big beast, a bb.

Taken from the Owner’s Manual PDF file


Thought to briefly describe the actions taken regarding the Model S experience so far, may be I will get a bit distracted from this current stress I’m having.

  1. Ordered from London, in-between flights returning from the US to Europe. The time-frame was perfect: ordering before the new higher Q4 prices were announced.
  2. Trying to use the referral link became problematic, the website kept sending me to the UK site offering a 1000 £ discount, aprox 1400 €, and as attractive as it was, the order would be valid only in my country region. Finally the order was placed with no referral link, hoping this would be fixed afterwords. Ordered in Solid White.
  3. To include the referral link took ages. Meanwhile that Solid White order was magically changed into a Black order, with no user intervention. I assumed the system updated to the standard car color when I asked to change the delivery date from January to As Soon As Possible. Irony: the car will arrive January anyways, from an “end of November” notice, the site updated to “end of December, begin of January”, and now it will be before Dec 15, but today got the news “week of Dec 17”; that’s even a week designation?!
  4. Communication with Tesla Motors by email takes ages; once it took my DES a month to answer, no kidding; another time it was 15 days before an email answer; phoning does not always gets an answer, for that you need someone, anyone please, to answer the phone.
  5. Tomorrow it’s another day, will try to phone, again.
  6. Am I a customer? Sometimes it seems I am not.
  7. The product is fabulous, hope it “pays” for all this stress.

23 days

Exactly 23 days from now, may be, just may be, the car will be ready for pickup. From the last phone call with my DES the conversation went like this:
– Your car is in New York in the process of getting into a ship in its way to Rotterdam. Most probably your car will be ready for delivery before Dec 15. I will update you when I have more info.
And that’s it: using Dec 15 as a reference. The transport agency asked for a date in the week before. The DES says he can not know now the exact date. No one knows.

I am officially insane with anguish. I am bursting. My Model S is somewhere with thousands more, waiting for a ship to the EU. Safe journey. I am waiting for you.

Production Complete. Your Model S is in transit from the factory.

5 days later, from the 1st post

After 5 days so many things happened, so many things did not happen! Starting from the beginning.

1. Finally managed to contact the transport company that will fetch my Model S from Tilburg, The Netherlands, to its destiny, my garage. It so happens that the difficulty in the contact, land line or mobile phone, had to do with renovation work and painting being done in their office. But I really, really thought that something fishy was going on: who in its right mind does not want a new client? After a first contact, followed by no followup the next day, I was desperate and started looking for alternatives. Phoned my brother, he deals with import/export – not automobiles – but he could use a company that also moved cars. And yes, indeed they did. But, big but, were they used to deal with electric cars, not only that, with Tesla Model S electric cars? With this in mind I tried to contact again, last chance, the company I know already transported to this country most of its current fleet of Model S… Bingo. Spoke for half an hour with the lady that deals with the routing, the trucks schedules, from Germany and passing by Tilburg, and we were in sync to deal with the details of the Model S import.

2. Immediately sent an email to my DES (Delivery Experience Specialist) in Tilburg, with a status report from me. And phoning immediately to Tilburg to sync the info with him on the Model S transit path from the US to Europe, how much more precise the delivery date could be defined, the complete list of accessories and, last but no least: how could I get an accessory available in the US shop but not available on the EU shop, and have that delivered inside the car from Tilburg to here…

3. The thing is: I know I have been a p… in the a.. with my nervous anticipation of the Model S arrival. I have been not able to sleep. Or I sleep very few hours. Or I don’t sleep at all. It’s a nightmare. Few people in the family know I ordered the Model S. Friends do not know. This means I have no one with whom to talk about this extraordinary adventure this is, placing the order, defining the configuration, picking the options, building the accessories list, the YouTube video after YouTube video screening and discussion and sharing, specially now that Auto Pilot is out… So, you guessed it right: my wife pays the toll. And she is – understandably – fed up. She is tired. She stands it no more. She is in fact an angel. With devilish eyes, sometimes.

4. I stopped talking about the Model S. I just feel I am bursting because I stopped talking about the Model S. I only share the absolutely minimum on the Model S with my wife. Only when it has to do with the house, the garage, with her, when I undoubtedly need her advise, or I need her saying “yes” (lately she has been saying “yes” even before I finish my sentences… hum…). I do not live alone. After some thought, I realized what will be her Christmas gift: the bag she saw in a Tesla store and she admired and said “nice but expensive”, meaning “No way, Jose”. Yes way, Jose, I say. That’s what you will have for Christmas, baby, arriving with the car, inside the car. As a surprise.

Aurland Tote

“Premium, modern and sophisticated, … The Aurland Tote is named after a Tesla Supercharger location in Norway.” So, there you have it, baby, I am thinking of you all the time. [No way she will know in advance, she is not reading these posts, she does not know this place exists]

5. In the process of trying to solve the gift transport in time for the delivery with the Model S, I realized that for the Dual Motor version there is no frunk mat, the All-Weather Model S Front Trunk Mat – Dual Motor. It’s available in the US, it is not available in the EU.

All-Weather Model S Front Trunk Mat – Dual Motor

This means I have another item for my list of accessories… Let’s hope it’s the final one, let’s hope the list is now finally closed. I do not want to have to send a gift to my DES.

Hello world

After many blogs and much tmc reading, after much thought and talk with friends, strangers, tesla owners, tesla fans, and wife… I finally ordered a Model X. Then realized the car would be more expensive, only available late into 2016 and those doors would be a huge pain you know where, plus slow on opening, plus… they are so ugly. Sent my love for SUVs for a walk and changed the order to a Solid White Model S. This is the “report” on the much antecipated My Tesla, and its name will be, let me think about it…