Thought to briefly describe the actions taken regarding the Model S experience so far, may be I will get a bit distracted from this current stress I’m having.

  1. Ordered from London, in-between flights returning from the US to Europe. The time-frame was perfect: ordering before the new higher Q4 prices were announced.
  2. Trying to use the referral link became problematic, the website kept sending me to the UK site offering a 1000 £ discount, aprox 1400 €, and as attractive as it was, the order would be valid only in my country region. Finally the order was placed with no referral link, hoping this would be fixed afterwords. Ordered in Solid White.
  3. To include the referral link took ages. Meanwhile that Solid White order was magically changed into a Black order, with no user intervention. I assumed the system updated to the standard car color when I asked to change the delivery date from January to As Soon As Possible. Irony: the car will arrive January anyways, from an “end of November” notice, the site updated to “end of December, begin of January”, and now it will be before Dec 15, but today got the news “week of Dec 17”; that’s even a week designation?!
  4. Communication with Tesla Motors by email takes ages; once it took my DES a month to answer, no kidding; another time it was 15 days before an email answer; phoning does not always gets an answer, for that you need someone, anyone please, to answer the phone.
  5. Tomorrow it’s another day, will try to phone, again.
  6. Am I a customer? Sometimes it seems I am not.
  7. The product is fabulous, hope it “pays” for all this stress.

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