What else for this Dec 31

A chart with the vampire drain that resulted from the voyage between Tilburg, Holland, and Carregado, Portugal. That will be the next post.
The car was brought on truck transport, in deep sleep, occasionally (all the time!) asked “where are you” using the Tesla app. This consumed some energy. Let’s see how much.



I am trying to establish a workflow for video capture and publish. Using the mobile phone cam, a GoPro cam and the minimum post processing possible: I’m fed up with video processing times that take AGES to finish… This means applying the old techniques of editing on the run, editing WHILE filming: you capture and at the same time you balance rhythm, framing, pause and resume, continuity, raccord, light, camera angles, thirds, … the whole shebang to accomplish something usable just after capture. Not easy, risky, painful, but fun, loads of fun.

The bad part: the 720p res of the mobile cam seems to unsync, sometimes, not always, can’t establish the error pattern, a pain. The GoPro files are usable directly by YouTube but take sometime to load… Nothing is perfect, I’ll manage somehow.

Once the workflow is established I can think of the info to capture. Dieing for the license plates to arrive (when?) and for filming like crazy.

A not very successful video test:

Anim GIF test

If it works, it would be a great way to show info.

Anim showing the battery capacity decreasing along time while the car is in the truck

It seems to work. The units are in Miles because when loading to the truck there was no time to change anything previously, that’s why.

The address location sometimes reverts to Tilburg because the car is in transit in the truck. Other than that the anim seems fine. This will be fun, preparing some info with timelapse animation using anim GIF.


On December 23th the Model S was delivered to our door. I drove it for the first time from the truck into the garage, 20 meters at the most. It will stay in the garage until the license plates are issued. It’s the law. Dura lex, sed lex.
The video of the delivery. In the end I’m doing a monkey business. Stress: the beggining of the end. May I sleep now, please? The car is here.

To today’s “keep on dreaming”

For whom it may concern, when they say “you wish” just after I tell “I wrote a letter to Santa”.

Let me tell you a secret

For years, and years and years
I’ve written to Santa, the one
And he has ignored me big time
All these years, all all these years
Shame on him, shameless bastard
I say with my out most respect

So, where are we today?
I read it in the only possible way:
Santa, you owe me big, so much
For all these years with no reply
That all the accumulated interests
Can only be converted as such
That shiny Tesla white Model S

He has no way to dodge the bullet
For all the inconsiderate time he let
This child, this lad, this boy, forget.

See? There is no way I will not win
The dream, in a solid white pristine

First impressions

Hello, precious

Tapping on the wheel: “Please behave”, meaning, like “don’t let me down, don’t make me spend money taking you to the nearest service center”, because that’s what happens around here when a Model S decides to be the center of attention and not perform as it should, aka breaking down. It is rare, but sometimes it happens. Nock on the wood.


Using everything, testing it. Front fog lights switch, ON. How come if I did not ordered then? “It’s part of the basic”. Uau. Thank you! Jumped to the front of the car to see the fog lights. There weren’t any. That was a huge bummer.

Why would you have a button to show ON for a feature not installed? Bad HCI (Human Computer Interaction), bad HCI. And bad DES preparation, you should be knowledgeable, not misinform your client. And induce in error.

Edit: you have to be crazy or high on adrenaline, to read what’s not there: it said Fog, not front fog… Rear fog lights? Mandatory by law? Yup, neither I nor the DES, we both took it wrong. It’s OK, precious, your HCI is OK.


It pays to make the list of stuff to check. Mats? All but the truck’s mat, to be delivered later. That was known. Dual Charger (DC)? From the 32 Amp enabled button you can check you have DC – but hey, isn’t that the same car that makes it possible to turn on the fog lights that do not exist? Sooooo… Really, do I have DC? Huuuummm, that means I have to REALLY check this later in the real world, not the phantasy world of on buttons for nonexisting features… White Solid Paint retouch flask? It should be here. It wasn’t. Ups. Delivered that same dsy by hsnd in the Tesla Store. Mennekes cable, check. Blue 32 A adapter, check. CHAdeMO, check.

Edit: the above comment is erroneous, explained earlier, that slso means that decoding the VIN one gets it: Dual drive and Dual Charger. Nevertheless, it should be properly tested and validated in the real world. Time, give me time and license plates…

One morning

One morning well spent, dealing with the delivery. The first question of the day, courtesy of my DES:
– Did you manage to sleep?
And my first answer of the day:
– No! Is it normal?!
It seems it is normal. And getting emotional as I did. Man, tears came as I walked thru the car. So much time waiting. And one just is not prepared for this peak of emotional stress.

The transport arrived by 10:30 h. By 11:30 h, after paperwork and driving it into the truck, the car was where it will stay until arriving to final destination.

Safe journey. I will meet you there.

The truck taking the Model S to its destination.