Today is December 15th

In theory it is ready. In practice it will be ready, for delivery, the 17th, the day the transport agency will fetch the Model S in Tilburg.

20151215 my model s
Undergoing final inspection and dual charger install

I am flying there tomorrow, to be there during the 17th, returning the 18th. If arriving soon enough tomorrow may be I can pass by and see my Model S tomorrow. If not, the day after.

Yesterday it was a very stressful and almost chaotic day. Had to change transport agency in a split second. For ages, since ordering the car, I was in contact with this X transport agency that in the past carried almost all the Model S that exist in this country, and they are not a simple few Model S around here, there’s already a lot of them. In the first contact, some months ago, this X company postponed defining the date of pickup until the car was assembled. Fair enough.

When the time came, bit by bit, the story with them started not to add up: phone calls not answered, emails not answered, finally a contact was done, but followup phone calls and messages not returned. When it came the moment for them to commit and define a date to pass by Tilburg, contacts started to become scarcer, it would always be “tomorrow I will let you know the date”, and tomorrow was always tomorrow, the next day or the next week. Yesterday morning managed to contact the head of the office, asked for a commitment on a date, “I will phone you in the end of this morning”, waited for the 12:00 h to strike. Meanwhile phoned to another transport agency to know about prices and conditions. They were more expensive but in 15 minutes they told me everything, from prices to schedule, to procedure, to waiting and transporting times. Everything. Asked a quote. Got the quote by email in less than 10 minutes after the first phone call to them. Amazing.

By 12:30 h phoned to the X transport agency. This time I got to talk to the person in charge of accounting. Can I speak with XX, head of X?

“She says she will contact you this afternoon.”

Wait a second, there will not be this afternoon, enough is enough, it’s always the same thing, it has been like this all the time, tell her that I give up.

“OK, I will pass her the message”.

Thank you, bye. And that’s it. Did not hear from them again. Asked the new transport agency for their form, filled the form, sent it by email, another 10 minutes later got the Proforma, payed by bank transfer, sent them the proof of payment, received an email answer “your payment was received, you are scheduled”.

They can use the same time frame for pickup, hopefully I will be there when My Model S goes into the truck. That will be two days from now. Tomorrow I am flying there.


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