It’s today

Today I am going to see my Tesla Model S. The truck will pass by during the morning. I hope I can see the car loading into the truck.

Stuff to check:

  1. suspension high and jack mode on for transport;
  2. valet mode on;
  3. previously check SOC (State of Charge) of the battery, if all the accessories are there, if the mats match the invoice, if I can get the frunk mat I forgot to order, if the dual charger is there (how do I check this?!), is the Mennekes cable there?, the paint retouch bottle?
  4. program the car for “no present” mode and put it in the state mode where less energy is consumed and where more time is taken for the car to wake up, to minimize vampire drain;
  5. COC, the Certificate of Conformity;
  6. how do you screw the license plate in the front?
  7. enough space in the back for the license plate?
  8. ask the driver when does he think he will arrive to the destination;
  9. check if did not forget anything to check.

See the car loading, hope and pray the journey is safe and smooth. See you there.


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