First impressions

Hello, precious

Tapping on the wheel: “Please behave”, meaning, like “don’t let me down, don’t make me spend money taking you to the nearest service center”, because that’s what happens around here when a Model S decides to be the center of attention and not perform as it should, aka breaking down. It is rare, but sometimes it happens. Nock on the wood.


Using everything, testing it. Front fog lights switch, ON. How come if I did not ordered then? “It’s part of the basic”. Uau. Thank you! Jumped to the front of the car to see the fog lights. There weren’t any. That was a huge bummer.

Why would you have a button to show ON for a feature not installed? Bad HCI (Human Computer Interaction), bad HCI. And bad DES preparation, you should be knowledgeable, not misinform your client. And induce in error.

Edit: you have to be crazy or high on adrenaline, to read what’s not there: it said Fog, not front fog… Rear fog lights? Mandatory by law? Yup, neither I nor the DES, we both took it wrong. It’s OK, precious, your HCI is OK.


It pays to make the list of stuff to check. Mats? All but the truck’s mat, to be delivered later. That was known. Dual Charger (DC)? From the 32 Amp enabled button you can check you have DC – but hey, isn’t that the same car that makes it possible to turn on the fog lights that do not exist? Sooooo… Really, do I have DC? Huuuummm, that means I have to REALLY check this later in the real world, not the phantasy world of on buttons for nonexisting features… White Solid Paint retouch flask? It should be here. It wasn’t. Ups. Delivered that same dsy by hsnd in the Tesla Store. Mennekes cable, check. Blue 32 A adapter, check. CHAdeMO, check.

Edit: the above comment is erroneous, explained earlier, that slso means that decoding the VIN one gets it: Dual drive and Dual Charger. Nevertheless, it should be properly tested and validated in the real world. Time, give me time and license plates…


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