I am trying to establish a workflow for video capture and publish. Using the mobile phone cam, a GoPro cam and the minimum post processing possible: I’m fed up with video processing times that take AGES to finish… This means applying the old techniques of editing on the run, editing WHILE filming: you capture and at the same time you balance rhythm, framing, pause and resume, continuity, raccord, light, camera angles, thirds, … the whole shebang to accomplish something usable just after capture. Not easy, risky, painful, but fun, loads of fun.

The bad part: the 720p res of the mobile cam seems to unsync, sometimes, not always, can’t establish the error pattern, a pain. The GoPro files are usable directly by YouTube but take sometime to load… Nothing is perfect, I’ll manage somehow.

Once the workflow is established I can think of the info to capture. Dieing for the license plates to arrive (when?) and for filming like crazy.

A not very successful video test:


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