11th day

After 11 days I’m still high on the Tesla grin… My face hurts because of the smile I’m using all ALL the time. The car is amazing, INCREFIBLE, a world of its own, a surprise a good surprise in every detail, it warns you “if it gets colder you might not get all the energy you need, it is recommended that you charge the battery now”, it monitors all the time all conditions possible, traffic, speed, lanes, the quality of the voltage vis-a-vis the current it is using to charge, if the installation is less than optimum quality, if the voltage drops significantly the car adapts and uses less current until the voltage recovers to the correct level… It protects the installation, it protects it self, it protects you. This car seems not of this world.

11 days and 2195 km, ~200 km per day, when I previously drove 200 km per week, ~30 km per day. For the last 11 days I’m driving 7 times more than usual. This car begs to be driven. I’m driving per day what I was driving per week. This car is a witch.

For the Model S low battery means 40 km range, less than 9% range. To others this value is 33% of their total capacity. All cars should be like the model S.

The trip planner warns you in advance with a red colour for the trajectory at risk.


Tesla moment 160124

Went to vote for our new president, past Sunday. The car is less than 1 month old, no scratches, no keys’ scratches, still a virgin on the body paint… I hate it when passers impose their stupid envy using keys and sharp ended objects to “initiate” a brand new car in the real world. I say those people should be subject to such an idiotic initiation process themselves…

To avoid keys and imposed body scratches, I use garages or, when parked in the open, I try to leave someone inside. It’s the case here, I went to vote and wife stayed in the car. Wife’s narration:

A couple passes by the car. He gets excited like hell, “Look, a Tesla, look, look! A Tesla!”, he shouts to his wife. He then realizes there’s someone inside the car. He stops shouting, he gets casual instantly, they pass by the car trying not to seem they were staring. They look as much as they can with their periferal vision.

In real life, Tesla is known for its formidable visual magnet.

Waiting for the vote to be casted

Thank you

There’s a family around here that has influenced a lot of people’s minds towards Electric Vehicles, this morning I went there to thank you them for the tips, their experiences’ narration, their positive attitude, their encouragement. They are responsible, in a good percentage, for the RS232C existence 🙂 Thank you! A big thank you!

Going there and driving for the first time in highway, using the cruise control, using the autopilot, one thought poped constantly to my mind

– Why aren’t all cars like this one?

They should. Its a mater of time… Amazing. Fabulous. INCREFIBLE. INSANE. LUDRICOUS. Really. No words.

This car?! It sucks…

Trying to accelerate… Nah… Poor.
Doing regen… Nah… Pennies.
Does it go fast? Nsh… Not enough…
And why is it the interior lights are always on? It sucks big time…
Forgot to take it out of Valet mode!!
Man, this car is MORE THAN AMAZING! IT IS BIG TIME INCREFIBLE!!! I’m happy now 🙂

Edit: INCREFIBLE? You bet! It’s more, much more than incredible, it’s increfible!


What a struggle… Finally the lincense plates are here, in my hands, not yet in the car… Man, I’m full of contradictory emotions, happy and absolutely infinitely amazed how they screwed up at IMT registering the car … AGAIN!… A 4 seater! Amazing. In the next minutes I’m sure I’ll discover more surprises… Let’s see…

Installed the plates, hurrah!

The Android app

Short tour on the current Android app.


  1. You open the app and get the Tesla logo as a splash screen.
  2. You wait for the communication to begin; if you have, as I do, the car in sleep mode to preserve energy, it takes longer to connect to the car.
  3. The app tells you that keeping communication always on (setting done in the car) enables faster connection, but takes more energy; I prefer less energy consumption and waiting a bit.
  4. Home: tells you the global status of the car, Parked, Valet, Locked, the address where it is (in motion I don’t know what it shows, Hellas, not able to drive the car yet).
  5. Controls: you can Lock or Unlock the car, Honk the Horn, Flash the Lights; you can also Start the car and drive it without the fob, but for this to work you have to have GSM signal (for car and data for your mobile) or usable WiFi signal, it does not work on underground parkings with no hot spots or lack of GSM antennas/signal. Pretty cool but just in case you need universal location independent car access you better have your fob with you.
  6. Charge: tells you the current amount of kms you have in the batteries, if it is charging or not (charging status is displayed if it is, more on that later), and let’s you Open the charging Port; you can also Set the Charge Limit but here it is a bit imprecise; I learned quickly that it’s better to do this in the car since it applies rubber banding/sticky feedback; but for any afterthoughts in the Charge Limit, this let’s you do the job, nice and easy.
  7. Climate: sometimes it tells you the Interior Temperature, sometimes it doesn’t, may be it depends on the deep sleep status; it let’s you set the temperature and Turn On to set the the car warmer or colder before using it; it takes quite a nasty piece of energy if you need it with a temp very different to your current temp, it’s measurable when connected to charge and the charge limit has been attained, you set it on and what you see in your power meter is all directed to climate and, I say, its huge, never thought it would be so much (next time will show it).
  8. Location: shows you where the car is, with satelite photography or just the map; it should show also more info when in motion but that, as you might already know by now, that is something I can’t test right now.
  9. Left tab: let’s you access Valet mode, Notifications (and also select the car you want to follow or control, if you have more than one), and Calendar sync on/off.
  10. Notifications: it’s more than that, you can select the car to control/follow, it shows the VIN, set on/off the Alarm, does it warn you if the car is brake into? Most probably yes. And the other Notifications, Charging warnings, and the Software Update, not for the Android app, the update for the car!

All in all it’s quite an amazing app, because the car is amazing. Just that Amazing is an understatement.

Full battery and vampire drain losses

The car has 15 km on the odometer. Did a full charge of the battery:
406 km for Typical Range
510 km for Rated Range

Lossess on a daily basis with remotely asking the car all the time “where are you” – the worst you can do because it awakes the car all the time making it drain more power from the batteries -, account for less than 1 % or less than 0.8 %, depending on the 406 or 510 figure you use. This is pretty good for a car that has 52 processors… All of them waiting the license plates in order to be put to good use other than sitting in a garage doing nothing, well, doing vampire drain… That’s something already, doing vampire drain in my garage. It means it’s here. Finally.