Getting used 2

The first test charge done with the Efimarket 22 kW charger connected to the Model S went OK until I got a message from the Tesla app on my android smartphone: Charge Stopped. It stopped before the charging limit was reached. What? Why?

Then I remembered how we enjoy a great quality of service in terms of electricity delivery from our electrons provider: each time there is a bit of rain our 230 v line voltage goes dead. Really. A bit of rain a bit more intense than usual and we get NOTHING as electricity energy delivered to our house, garage included.

Sooooooo… Live with it. Or can we complain and be pissed of about this, pardon my French?

The image proving the crime fact, the app shows 1 km less than the Tesla screen:

Why did you stop?

The car showed:

One km difference to the App, case of polling or values’ approximations

One thing is sure: charging stopped, the 22 kW charger is more forgivable than the Tesla original charger, the max charge was not reached, charge was using only 18 Amps instead of the 20 Amps possible and available.

Was it raining? Not on this earth. Does the local electricity provider lacks enough power or stability to provide a charge without hiccups? This has to be followed attentively. Good to know the car protects itself.

After resuming charging the rest of the charge went with no news. No news is good news.


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