The Christmas true tale

Wrote this in TMC Tesla moments

I’m the proud owner of a Model S 85D that was delivered Dec 17th in Tilburg, was transported by truck to my garage where it entered on Dec 23th, a great Christmas present. This is Other Europe, procedures differ a bit from the standard delivery.

Christmas day, my family does not know I bought the Model S, and I say to all of them after all the presents were opened:
– You all know I am crazy about Tesla so I bought two small Teslas, one for me and the other for Isabel (my wife). – and I show them the two fobs…
My sister-in-law takes one fob in her hands, feels the clicks on the top switch of the fob and says:
– How cute, this is a remote for a small electric car, isn’t it? Where is it?
– Let’s go to the garage and see how small it is…
She starts to freak out,
– did you…? you didn’t… what did you do?! It’s a small one, it has to be…
– Let’s see…
And she completely went crazy, with all other family members, when they saw the car in the garage 🙂 that cute little remotely controlled car… A 5 meters long car 🙂 our brand new Model S 85D!


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