C’est ci bon, ouh lala

Ah que c’est bom, vivre dans um pays tellement bon… This country works only by chance, it’s a work in progress, may be this is a country, may be we would be better of with bananas, may be ruled by monkeys and such, that’s a possible conclusion. I am extremely angry. Burocracy in this country sucks big time AND on top of that things are done wrong… And no one is accountable. Yeah.

The process of getting the license plates for my Tesla was messed up, if I’m lucky may be there will be license plates in a week or so… ONE MORE WEEK. Yes, I love this country.

Email just received now, at the same time I’m receiving a software update for my Tesla Model s that I did not drive until now and still can not drive at least for another week, English translation follows:

“Boa tarde
Infelizmente fui informada que o IMT se enganou no modelo da viatura ao fazer a homologação, a retificação já foi pedida, mas o processo pode demorar entre 24h a 48h a fazer a referida retificação. Apos a retificação estar concluída submete-se a alfandega para sair a DAV e matriculas, se tudo correr como planeado vamos apontar para 6 feira. Peço desculpa, pois sei que está ansioso para poder “conduzir” o seu novo carro!! Vamos tentar que a retificação serja feita o mais rápido possível.”

Quick Translation by Google and me
“Good afternoon
Unfortunately I was informed that the IMT was wrong on the model of the car to make it legal, the rectification has been requested, but the process can take 24 to 48 hours to carry out. … I know you are anxious to drive your new car, we will do our best to get the license plates as soon as possible, may be next Friday”

I have no NO words for these words, really. May be this is a bad taste joke, who knows. This country is a joke. I am so pissed of.

Meanwhile, at the same time, I’m receiving a Tesla software update, for a car I’m not driving… The car is improving, alone, frozen, parked in the garage since Dec 23th. Man, this sucks.



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