On the road? Not quite yet

For that you need the plates. This is not an old story or the same story… Today, January 12th, it would be the day, and that would be already really late, to get the plates I mean, but today it wasn’t yet the day… Surprise!

The IMT made a mess and the individual homologation got screwd up. So they say. I’m no longer believing what any official is saying, that’s the trust level I’m getting from them, one day this, the other day that… It seems to change with the wind. Or the rain. Or the humidity. Or just the stupidity of all this process.

It just might be that the mess was made because I believe this is the first Model S 85D in this country: so, if this true, they would register the car the easy way giving it an already existing code, let’s say from a P85D – the Model S variant that most people around here buy, yup big bucks -, the difference of just one P might be the source of the problem. Because officials are underpayed, swamped in work. That’s the recipe for trying speeding up becoming the victim of laziness, not DOUBLE checking what you’re doing. Implications? Not only starting all over again, it means more paper work to stop the wrong process, and getting a completely new process from scratch. Generally officials DO NOT ADMIT wrong doing and this translates to some kind of self or institutional justification for the wrong process, and, this is a paradox, to avoid criticism or admitting the wrong, more energy and time is spent on justifying the wrong than on actually going directly to correct the problem doing it right! Unless…

Unless you just get feed up, enough is enough, and you brake all the cristal vases in the store, you just let the elephant loose and let it brake everything, meaning: you take it no more and you state, amoung other nice things, “I want your red book to write it down my complaint on this all messed up proccess”, and when you list the things you are going to write, THEN the officials involved start to listen, a pissed of citizen they stand it and they don’t care, a written complaint in the red book, THAT is another matter…

So, like a miracle, or not, things started to happen in less than 4 hours after the elephant being loose… Hum, it pays of! But man, the energy you spend for that to happen! It should be normal that normal stuff is done normally, not all this huge humongous big fat load of energy needed to move a pebble in the great great burocracy shithole (pardon my French)…

Long story short: part of the problem was “illegally” unblocked, and in record time, so that the VAT tax is paid on time to avoid delay fines… This is a joke, right? When I read “The VAT payment is now possible because we circunvented the law in order for you to pay it on time and avoid fines”, I bursted into joy tears! Man! How big a joke is THAT? You have got to be kiding me!!

But no, no license plates yet. That’s another chapter of this amazing adventure. Stay tunned. We will return soon with another cartoon.

To be continued…


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