As of yesterday by 4.50 PM the VAT tax (locally called IVA) for my Tesla Model S 85D is paid. Tried to get some info…

As I suspected nothing illegal was reported or noted or referred to me… Asked about the license plates… Tomorrow, tomorrow you will have the DAV, it’s automatic as soon as you pay the IVA tax, after that the next day you have the DAV. Let me check your file for you. Oh, the CoC (Certificate of Conformity) is missing. As soon as the the CoC is delivered you have the plates.

So, the COC is still at IMT because they screwed up. And the process is simple: if you pay, the state is eager to see you… Nothing illegal on that front. Pay.

Yesterday I got a glimpse on how the state devouers you… The long waiting, the paper work, the need to pay 90 cents for a paper form, in the age of the web where all forms are there, to be printed. 90 cents? Why not 90 euro? The ping pong between Alfandega and IMT… And the cherry on top of the cake: I payed the tax, I was expecting a receipt, invoice, whatever, with my name in it (the file process is in my name) and also my NIF (fiscal id). You wish! Nope! I was handed a printed paper. It is cryptic like hell. Is this my invoice? Yes. It does not have my name or my nif on it. “What counts is the register number.” Ah, OK.

And I went back to my stupid life in a stupid stupid state that is obnoxious, hugly, a monstrosity in burocracy. You have to love it here…

Ah, if I’m not mistaken I payed everything. Yes, I did. Now I want what it is due to me. I want my license plates.


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