Tesla moment 160124

Went to vote for our new president, past Sunday. The car is less than 1 month old, no scratches, no keys’ scratches, still a virgin on the body paint… I hate it when passers impose their stupid envy using keys and sharp ended objects to “initiate” a brand new car in the real world. I say those people should be subject to such an idiotic initiation process themselves…

To avoid keys and imposed body scratches, I use garages or, when parked in the open, I try to leave someone inside. It’s the case here, I went to vote and wife stayed in the car. Wife’s narration:

A couple passes by the car. He gets excited like hell, “Look, a Tesla, look, look! A Tesla!”, he shouts to his wife. He then realizes there’s someone inside the car. He stops shouting, he gets casual instantly, they pass by the car trying not to seem they were staring. They look as much as they can with their periferal vision.

In real life, Tesla is known for its formidable visual magnet.

Waiting for the vote to be casted

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