11th day

After 11 days I’m still high on the Tesla grin… My face hurts because of the smile I’m using all ALL the time. The car is amazing, INCREFIBLE, a world of its own, a surprise a good surprise in every detail, it warns you “if it gets colder you might not get all the energy you need, it is recommended that you charge the battery now”, it monitors all the time all conditions possible, traffic, speed, lanes, the quality of the voltage vis-a-vis the current it is using to charge, if the installation is less than optimum quality, if the voltage drops significantly the car adapts and uses less current until the voltage recovers to the correct level… It protects the installation, it protects it self, it protects you. This car seems not of this world.

11 days and 2195 km, ~200 km per day, when I previously drove 200 km per week, ~30 km per day. For the last 11 days I’m driving 7 times more than usual. This car begs to be driven. I’m driving per day what I was driving per week. This car is a witch.

For the Model S low battery means 40 km range, less than 9% range. To others this value is 33% of their total capacity. All cars should be like the model S.

The trip planner warns you in advance with a red colour for the trajectory at risk.


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