My Tesla

When you order a Tesla car you do it by opening an account. That account is the main contact point for everything related to the car: payment, specs, documents, everything. That account is called My Tesla. Until you really order a car and get the car delivered, you can open the My Tesla account to be in touch with Tesla, to get subscribed news, to feel part of the family – they do say “Welcome to the family”, when delivering a car.

While you decide when and what to order, your My Tesla may be a dream, an intention, or something else. For a while, I was having several different My Tesla…

For quite some time this was My Tesla:

A my Tesla cup, July 4th, 2015 – the day I test drove a Model S P85D with Insane

When I saw the car for the first time this became also My Tesla:

A my Tesla hat, December 18h 2015 – on the 17th the car was put in a transport truck and I test drove a model S P90DL

Then this became also My Tesla:

A my Tesla key, December 23th 2015 – the day the car was delivered

Then this became also My Tesla:

A my Tesla Model S 85D car, January 18th 2016 – the day the plates arrived

At this very moment a My Tesla can be your way. Dream on. Miracles do happen.


The world of electric charging

The world of electric charging is full of surprises, you can get really amazed on the prices you can get from different solutions. This one is quite expensive, for a 22 kW power solution, even considering you get DC. A year ago the prices were like this:

prices for the ChargeBox solution, March 2015, from personal email

Compare that to the price you get from the 22 kW charger from here:

you can’t beat the Wallbox-ok price tag of 556.00 € for 22 kW

Ok, one gives you DC, the other AC. One only needs your car to have a DC input. The other relies on your car having the AC/DC converter. Compare 15 thousand euro + cost of cables, at least +2 thousand euro, for a total of +17 thousand euro to 556 euro. Compare also the weight, 22.5 kg for the DC solution to 4 kg for the AC solution. I know what to choose! Yes, my car accepts 22 kW AC charging. It’s a breeze to use the Wallbox-ok solution!

Edit: found out that the ChargeBox is a bit more efficient, enabling a charge of up to 150 km per hour, while the Wallbox-ok charges up to 110 km per hour. The size, weight, and fundamentally the price difference does not justify opting for a very expensive solution. Unless you’re stuck with DC charging and your AC in car charger is a low power one. That might be a consideration, but only fleet companies could justify such an abismal costly solution. This means you really really should look carefully to the cars specs to avoid after buy heavy costs. Opting for the best car enables you to profit from it opting for way way better and more cost effective solutions. Charging at 22 kW is a blessing. Paying a reasonable price for it is heaven.

– Are you the owner of the Aston Martin?

The two kids must be brothers and seem to be 8 and 10 years old.

– Yes, it’s mine but no, it’s not an Aston Martin. It’s better.

– What is it?!

– A Tesla.


– It’s a great, great car! – one shouts.

– Can I sit inside? How do you open the doors?

– Yes. They open like this. – the driver’s door “opened”, presenting the handler when I approached.

– Wow! – two voices doing a sync big wow.

They sit inside. They shout “Look at that!” Then their father calls them. And I listen, while they run, a happy pair of kids, “Father, father! You should have seen the HUGE screen it has inside! This BIG!”, their hands wide apart…

I’m not sure they realised the awesome car is fully electric. Next time. Next time I will not forget to let that be known.

– I want my life back.

Stupid sentence, right? Well, before the Model S, I was an anonymous citizen. With the Subaru Forester AWD, an awesome car, no one would point or stare or engage in a conversation.

With the Model S everyone looks, notices, points, takes photos / videos, asks questions, remarks, stares without engaging, stares and engages in conversations, eyes rolling and wide open matching the incredibleness of seeing one Tesla Model S for real. Everyone, specially kids and youngsters, notice the car.

I want my life back but with the Model S that is quite impossible, and this is an universal truth. Do I regret this media or public exposure? Well… Not a bit! I have a Model S. The rest that comes with the territory, ok, let’s face it, if it has to happen, it happens.

Life with a Tesla Model S is a different story. I’m in for it. What a story it has been so far!

Test rides

Doing test rides to anyone interested, or anyone I might think could be interested. Even if the car is amazing, I came to realize two things:

  1. You can talk the talk: the car being experienced talks far far better than any great superlative words you might produce, the car shows itself in its grandeur, no words are able to express its wasomeness.
  2. You can do a test drive, just go to anywhere there’s a Tesla store or a Tesla leasing place, you sign the agreement, you are good to go; but in a test drive you do not experience the day to day use or contact with reality, you ask the clerk questions, you get your answers, you might in the end think there’s some truth in it, the answers you get, but may be – as the car is so great – may be they are exaggerating a bit… Sooo… Doing a test ride with an owner – going along in the passenger seat with a person driving his own car -, I found personally that this is the most informative and best way to grasp the absolute greatness of this object, an object that nears perfection…

I did test drives. I got test rides. Loved the test drives. Loved even more the test rides. The owner is not a representative nor a salesman. He owns, he has one. His interest is his interest, not the company’s well-being or the shareholders happiness… And, for now, I’ve no stock (may be I should), I’m not biased, unless I’m biased because I just love the car…

I’ve been giving test rides as if there’s no tomorrow. And charging for it (see picture). Today (yesterday) did three test rides:

  1. A medium test ride to Rui D, he is a big fan of Tesla’s work and attitude, he just loves Tesla Model S
  2. A very short test ride to Mário F, just an appetizer for a longer one in a very near future
  3. A long test ride to Carmo S, in this way the absolute truth that the other cars are dyeing dinosaurs becomes self-evident

That’s it. I’m doing test rides… Spreading the “word”. Showing you can get today your future. Driving the Model S is driving the future as we speak. Model 3 is in the works. Either with Model S today, Model X now or Model 3 a bit later – to be revealed and on sale next month, March -, you can build your future now.

Charging it fully for the next test ride

Dual Charger, 32 A, double the charging speed

Yesterday, for the first time, trying the Dual Charger at full charging speed, with a staggering 32 A and 230 V power! It works and it is amazing. I’m using a Efimarket 22 kW charger and I do recommend it: instead of charging the normal 50 km in one hour, one gets double km per hour, an incredible, amazing, superlative more than 100 km for each hour passing by. Love it. Absolutely love it. Check the proof.

For each hour 107 km more for pure driving joy

This charging speed is the best one can have privately, to get better than this you have to move to 50 kW (PCR Ponto de Carga Rápida – Fast Charging Point) for 220 km/h charge or to Tesla’s Supercharger domain (120 kW power). Just love Tesla. And its way of doing things.

A big thank you to Mr Mário Bernardino for this test opportunity. And also a big thank you to Nuno Santos, Filipe Santos and all the other brothers for the infos, the sharing, the conversations, for everything, a big big thank you!

A thank you also to Hugo Mestre Batista for his fast responsiveness and timely deliver of this great product!