Are you charging?

Charging an electric car in public places poses, not a problem, a challenge.

If you charge with the public infrastructure you just need the cable, the car and the public spot will lock your cable in both ends of the cable, you are good, protected.

If you charge in a public garage, using a 16 A 220 V schuko plug, or a three phase 400 V 16 A plug, you might run into an hassle… Depending on your car’s EVSE (link to wikipedia) – the “box” needed to charge from a plug – you have one end of the gizmo charger protected by the car blocker, the other might be very vulnerable. The Tesla UMC is vulnerable because one end is universal, you just can put there ANY SORT of an adapter, for 3 kW, for 7 kW, for 11 kW (charging, respectively 13 km in one hour, 32 km/h, and up to 55 km in one hour)… Those adapters are very easily interchangeable… And also removable and taken by someone not you, if you are in a public place. More: the charger shows an intriguing light path, lights moving, indicating it is charging. This is so interesting that it attracts a lot of, may be not desirable, attention…

If you could solve both problems, eliminating the eye catching lights, and avoiding being “taken as a memento”…

A car charging with no funny lights and protected from “friends”, a dream – like the car itself – come true.


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