Dual Charger, 32 A, double the charging speed

Yesterday, for the first time, trying the Dual Charger at full charging speed, with a staggering 32 A and 230 V power! It works and it is amazing. I’m using a Efimarket 22 kW charger and I do recommend it: instead of charging the normal 50 km in one hour, one gets double km per hour, an incredible, amazing, superlative more than 100 km for each hour passing by. Love it. Absolutely love it. Check the proof.

For each hour 107 km more for pure driving joy

This charging speed is the best one can have privately, to get better than this you have to move to 50 kW (PCR Ponto de Carga Rápida – Fast Charging Point) for 220 km/h charge or to Tesla’s Supercharger domain (120 kW power). Just love Tesla. And its way of doing things.

A big thank you to Mr Mário Bernardino for this test opportunity. And also a big thank you to Nuno Santos, Filipe Santos and all the other brothers for the infos, the sharing, the conversations, for everything, a big big thank you!

A thank you also to Hugo Mestre Batista for his fast responsiveness and timely deliver of this great product!


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