– I want my life back.

Stupid sentence, right? Well, before the Model S, I was an anonymous citizen. With the Subaru Forester AWD, an awesome car, no one would point or stare or engage in a conversation.

With the Model S everyone looks, notices, points, takes photos / videos, asks questions, remarks, stares without engaging, stares and engages in conversations, eyes rolling and wide open matching the incredibleness of seeing one Tesla Model S for real. Everyone, specially kids and youngsters, notice the car.

I want my life back but with the Model S that is quite impossible, and this is an universal truth. Do I regret this media or public exposure? Well… Not a bit! I have a Model S. The rest that comes with the territory, ok, let’s face it, if it has to happen, it happens.

Life with a Tesla Model S is a different story. I’m in for it. What a story it has been so far!


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