Test rides

Doing test rides to anyone interested, or anyone I might think could be interested. Even if the car is amazing, I came to realize two things:

  1. You can talk the talk: the car being experienced talks far far better than any great superlative words you might produce, the car shows itself in its grandeur, no words are able to express its wasomeness.
  2. You can do a test drive, just go to anywhere there’s a Tesla store or a Tesla leasing place, you sign the agreement, you are good to go; but in a test drive you do not experience the day to day use or contact with reality, you ask the clerk questions, you get your answers, you might in the end think there’s some truth in it, the answers you get, but may be – as the car is so great – may be they are exaggerating a bit… Sooo… Doing a test ride with an owner – going along in the passenger seat with a person driving his own car -, I found personally that this is the most informative and best way to grasp the absolute greatness of this object, an object that nears perfection…

I did test drives. I got test rides. Loved the test drives. Loved even more the test rides. The owner is not a representative nor a salesman. He owns, he has one. His interest is his interest, not the company’s well-being or the shareholders happiness… And, for now, I’ve no stock (may be I should), I’m not biased, unless I’m biased because I just love the car…

I’ve been giving test rides as if there’s no tomorrow. And charging for it (see picture). Today (yesterday) did three test rides:

  1. A medium test ride to Rui D, he is a big fan of Tesla’s work and attitude, he just loves Tesla Model S
  2. A very short test ride to Mário F, just an appetizer for a longer one in a very near future
  3. A long test ride to Carmo S, in this way the absolute truth that the other cars are dyeing dinosaurs becomes self-evident

That’s it. I’m doing test rides… Spreading the “word”. Showing you can get today your future. Driving the Model S is driving the future as we speak. Model 3 is in the works. Either with Model S today, Model X now or Model 3 a bit later – to be revealed and on sale next month, March -, you can build your future now.

Charging it fully for the next test ride

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