– Are you the owner of the Aston Martin?

The two kids must be brothers and seem to be 8 and 10 years old.

– Yes, it’s mine but no, it’s not an Aston Martin. It’s better.

– What is it?!

– A Tesla.


– It’s a great, great car! – one shouts.

– Can I sit inside? How do you open the doors?

– Yes. They open like this. – the driver’s door “opened”, presenting the handler when I approached.

– Wow! – two voices doing a sync big wow.

They sit inside. They shout “Look at that!” Then their father calls them. And I listen, while they run, a happy pair of kids, “Father, father! You should have seen the HUGE screen it has inside! This BIG!”, their hands wide apart…

I’m not sure they realised the awesome car is fully electric. Next time. Next time I will not forget to let that be known.


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