My Tesla

When you order a Tesla car you do it by opening an account. That account is the main contact point for everything related to the car: payment, specs, documents, everything. That account is called My Tesla. Until you really order a car and get the car delivered, you can open the My Tesla account to be in touch with Tesla, to get subscribed news, to feel part of the family – they do say “Welcome to the family”, when delivering a car.

While you decide when and what to order, your My Tesla may be a dream, an intention, or something else. For a while, I was having several different My Tesla…

For quite some time this was My Tesla:

A my Tesla cup, July 4th, 2015 – the day I test drove a Model S P85D with Insane

When I saw the car for the first time this became also My Tesla:

A my Tesla hat, December 18h 2015 – on the 17th the car was put in a transport truck and I test drove a model S P90DL

Then this became also My Tesla:

A my Tesla key, December 23th 2015 – the day the car was delivered

Then this became also My Tesla:

A my Tesla Model S 85D car, January 18th 2016 – the day the plates arrived

At this very moment a My Tesla can be your way. Dream on. Miracles do happen.


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