The world of electric charging

The world of electric charging is full of surprises, you can get really amazed on the prices you can get from different solutions. This one is quite expensive, for a 22 kW power solution, even considering you get DC. A year ago the prices were like this:

prices for the ChargeBox solution, March 2015, from personal email

Compare that to the price you get from the 22 kW charger from here:

you can’t beat the Wallbox-ok price tag of 556.00 € for 22 kW

Ok, one gives you DC, the other AC. One only needs your car to have a DC input. The other relies on your car having the AC/DC converter. Compare 15 thousand euro + cost of cables, at least +2 thousand euro, for a total of +17 thousand euro to 556 euro. Compare also the weight, 22.5 kg for the DC solution to 4 kg for the AC solution. I know what to choose! Yes, my car accepts 22 kW AC charging. It’s a breeze to use the Wallbox-ok solution!

Edit: found out that the ChargeBox is a bit more efficient, enabling a charge of up to 150 km per hour, while the Wallbox-ok charges up to 110 km per hour. The size, weight, and fundamentally the price difference does not justify opting for a very expensive solution. Unless you’re stuck with DC charging and your AC in car charger is a low power one. That might be a consideration, but only fleet companies could justify such an abismal costly solution. This means you really really should look carefully to the cars specs to avoid after buy heavy costs. Opting for the best car enables you to profit from it opting for way way better and more cost effective solutions. Charging at 22 kW is a blessing. Paying a reasonable price for it is heaven.


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