Doing stuff

If you play with three phases, you need to know your colors. Here we use grey, black, brown, blue, yellow, for L1, L2, L3, N, G. Your colors:

I got this color scheme from the net, it really should be brown, black, grey – I redid the wiring to conform to the br, bl, gr
Not the good one: should be brown, black, grey

PS: I was told, in the comment that follows, this isn’t standard. I can’t really identify where I got this info, it was complicated to get it, I guess I settled with the most common image I got from Google images. That must have been what most probably happened… In this context, provided you follow the same color scheme at both ends of whatever you are doing, extension or whatever, using the same “standard” makes it work 🙂 It worked and still works for me 🙂 edit: redone the thing to follow the standard

PS 2: reading carefully the comment I realized it makes a lot of sense and doing things the proper way must be one’s motto for all life. It’s as simple as changing two connections. TBDS To be done soon.

PS 3: done, now all my cables read Brown, Black Grey, Blue, Yellow, for L1, L2, L3, N, G. Have to photograph and post a new image 🙂


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