Converting three phase 4 pin to 5 pin

The Tesla Model S and X are cars that charge anywhere: there’s an array of options available, from single phase to three phase, from 16 A to 32 A, from AC 22 kW to DC at 300 A 400 V 120 kW and to even more in the near future. But there are always alternatives to be improved.

These are my 4 pin to 5 pin three phase converters, for 16 and 32 A. Thank you to Nuno who taught me the details on how it’s done. I’m sure his implementation is more elegant with the 220 V tiny LED integrated into the plug, and not as bulky as in here with the neon lighted switch 🙂


The switch is just to confirm that Neutral was found in the good schuko pin: it lights for a correct connection because I linked the neon lamp between the L phase and G Ground. When the light is on this means you can use the configuration, the Neutral is in the good pin and usable for the N Neutral needed for the 5 pin configuration. Afterwards the switch can be turned off.

Just for fun, I opened (and reassembled) one of the switches, just to see how it was inside. The neon light is connected in series with a low power resistor, I guess the current the lamp uses is indeed very small.


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