The Model 3 and EV awareness

It is palpable: since the unveil of the Tesla Model 3, driving the Model S has become a bigger adventure, everyone seems to recognize the car maker and the car model.

Yesterday an Opel Corsa kept himself behind us in the A1 highway for quite a while taking pictures with the mobile phone, or videoing, couldn’t tell. He kept the mobile phone on top of the steering wheel and he was looking all the time to the screen, definitely not looking to the road. To the point where I considered punching the go pedal to lose him, he was becoming a security hazard. But I’m behaving now, trying to determine my “regular calm driving” consumption (sort of, since I couldn’t control myself and slammed the thing when a bimmer tried to overpass using the right lane).

At Lourinhã a Russian man asked “Is this one the latest model?” I thought he was talking about the Model 3. “No, this one is the Model S”, I said. He clearly got upset: “I know it is the Model S! Is it from the most recent ones?” He knew his Tesla stuff! “Yes, indeed it is! It is a D”. He seemed pleased. He knew that at Rio Maior there is a family that has two Teslas Model S. He is an informed man.

When passing by a village “down town” a driver in his tuned little car saw the Model S and passed by, his window open, shouting like the hell was loose “It is a Tesla, a TESLA!” He was in a trance.

At Sintra people were looking and staring and view picking into the interior.

At Campera a group of youngsters passed in front of the car and stared as if their eyes would pop out, mouth jaws unbelievably wide wide open. All of them, in contrast, completely speechless.

A passer by driver backed up is car in a rush to just confirm, looking intensely to the T in the front, that indeed it was a Tesla he was staring to.

Nowadays, after the Model 3 unveil, taking the Tesla out became a new different more intense “inside the aquarium” driving.


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