Tesla Model 3 Unveil Part 2 – edited

Edit: the original text is as it was, the added part is included with an “edit” mark.

My 2 cents on what it will be:

  1. Autonomous driving: the base hardware will be presented with an alpha version of the software in demo mode; the base hardware will be delivered in all new made cars (Model S, X, 3) with software to be delivered (much) later, as it was the case with Auto Pilot;
  2. A fully functional HUD will be shown in its final form, it will be available in all Model 3 variants;
  3. The Model 3 D version will be on display and demo;
  4. New batteries capacity, may be up to 120 kWh; edit: the different battery options – all models included – are for version’s choosing only, the base Model 3 will have the least expensive battery; may be the Model 3 will never see any version with the top of the line batteries, and this makes this whole remark a bit contradictory;
  5. The final body language version of the 3;
  6. The CUV variant of the Model 3 will be shown. Edit: this one would be pretty cool, I would love that to happen, I really think it will take some more time. Tesla is doing such an amazing job we all want it to be faster.

My 2 cents.


4 thoughts on “Tesla Model 3 Unveil Part 2 – edited

    1. yes, starting small, and if money is not a “problem” may be they will let you put more kWh? But yes, 120 kWh for the Model 3 seems too much, I was originally thinking that may be they will also use the date to “reveal” the today much talked possible next 100 kWh battery. Unless the 100 kWh magic number battery comes available sooner, and I would really bet on that.

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