How to become a rich guy in one simple step

Take your hard earned money and instead of buying a small apartment take it to the Tesla Motors web site and spend it in the Tesla Model S your money can buy: you receive the car and instantly, I mean INSTANTLY (as soon as you start driving your dream car) you are skyrocketed into a rich guy. Seriously?! Yes. From a normal bloke you are “promoted” to rich.

The only company doing decent/good electric cars is Tesla. The rest are merely jokes: I tried to buy one EV from any single one of them (VW, Ford, Renault, Kia, Opel, Mercedes, BMW, …) before deciding that their comercial practices, their prices versus range and features, their engineering approaches, their ridiculous speeches and Public Relations reports and statements, their absolutely stupid maintenance and after sales support, did not deserve my hard earned money. So I riskily took a chance (Portugal does not have yet a Service Center) and bought a Tesla Model S. I did not know the surprise: I am now a rich guy. Ye, right.


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