On AP & AS

From a driver aledegily falling asleep, Tesla Updates states:
“Tesla has repetitively made it clear that drivers“remain engaged and aware when AutoSteer is enabled” and “must keep their hands on the steering wheel”. The car will emit sounds and display alerts when the driver needs to take over. In the event that the driver can’t be raised, the vehicle will activate its hazard lights and move towards the hard shoulder, where it will then stop.”

It is true the car signals repeatedly, in several degrees of importance and warning, that the driver must take control.

It is not true the car will “move towards the hard shoulder”. The car keeps itself in the same lane and, failing to get the driver’s control, it will come gradually to a stop with the hazard lights activated. In the SAME lane. It’s lame to state what the car does not do.


2 thoughts on “On AP & AS

    1. May be you are right. Have to check YouTube to see it happen. If security is better served with a hard shoulder stop, one would expect it to be implemented also in Europe. But, hey, in terms of legislation there’s so much stuff happening differently in Europe… Go figure…


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