Being busy…

… deriving a solution for a spare tire for the Model S. I hate the foam approach. I’m not alone. There are those who report a BMW X3 compact spare wheel as a solution. YMMV. Lots of info, some also more noise than info, that’s the Web. You have to love it, and you have to have the time to filter the “info” noise, noise really. That’s the bad part: too much time filtering the not so good info, or the bad info, and than you feel kind of lost.

The main thing: to be sure, positively sure, the solution works. To be positively sure the car is safely drivable. To be absolutly sure all the car specs are met. All this before trying the actual deed. After that doing a carefully planned and safely staged try. Validating the try is a must. Hopefully it will be done today.

Edit: just before 13:00 h today I bought 5 nuts to apply to the X3 spare wheel on the Tesla. It goes up to 300 Nm, so the specified Tesla 175 Nm goes very well with it. Nice.


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