The Model S 60 was sc ready, you had to pay a fee for the lifetime access to be free. Now for the Model 3, much cheaper, the approach is going to be – so it seems – as it should be.

But now people are starting to complain, as if, for 35 k, access to supercharging should be free. Do you want to supercharge for life free?! Simple, just pay the fee. It never was free.

Edit: why would people get angry – or complain on being mislead – because of what Elon Musk said on the Supercharging for the Model 3? Think you can get better elsewhere? Go for it and buy it! You will never EVER get as much as with the Model 3. Simple. GM? Ahah. VW? Ahah. Merc? Ahah. Renault? Ahah. Audi? Ahah. Mitsu? Ahah. Ford? Ahah. All of them, all!, are making a tiny tiny minuscule effort (or a very small shadow of an effort) into EVs because of Tesla. Imagine that all of their statements materialize into products, instead of being the eternal tomorrows that never arrive. See how much current ICE car makers look so much alike past demagogic regimes?


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