Spare tire for Model S

I followed the steps I saw other people applied to get a spare tire for the Model S. I discovered it doesn’t work: either people did not do basic tests or the spare geometry is different enough to not work in my car. The main problem: distance from the brakes (worse in the back); and with spacers applied it does not solve the problem since there will remain not enough bolt space to use to tight the spare.

The video shows the steps I applied when testing the X3 spare on the Model S. Details in the images.

After this test I tried a 18″ BMW 7 series wheel and the thing almost worked: it touches the under part of the air suspension. The next image shows how this component almost touches the original wheel of the Model S. So, it has to be at least a 19″, if not a 20″ to be on the safe side.

Front wheel, original
Back original wheel
Front original distance to brakes
Back original distance to brakes, tighter

In conclusion: still in the process of finding a solution.


6 thoughts on “Spare tire for Model S

  1. Why the spare? I have a 8 yo C4 G Picasso (no spare, just foam) and never punctured a tire (knock on wood).
    With modern tires and roads, and careful driving, likely of puncture is very low… if it happens, I’ll call ACP (or the insurance company)…


    1. That is your view and I respect your point. Ever tried to wait for the acp or insurance to arrive? I did. I prefer to change the tire in 15 minutes and go driving instead of waiting hours (yes, hours) for the acp or the insurance to arrive. I already have the foam solution, and I don’t like it since it only works in a very small percentage of the cases.
      Unless you have run flat tires (and they have a hard ride) all tires puncture, it’s all a case of bad luck. I prefer to be prepared for bad luck in case of long trips. Near by voyages are not the problem, think long stretches of deserted roads and you will start to see why a spare tire is your best bet and your best friend.


      1. I understand and respect that option too, of course.
        Just noting the very low probability.
        Good luck, maybe you won’t need it πŸ™‚


  2. I’m sure someone has told you this before, but wouldn’t it be easier to get a salvage wheel from a crashed Tesla ?


    1. Trying to follow that approach but there are no crashed Model S locally and asking for one wheel from one crashed car elsewhere to be sent here (who will do the “visual” inspection of the thing?), I’m not sure if it isn’t more expensive and dangerous (robustness and safety of the car crashed wheel?) … than buying a new one – exploring the aftermarket for as much as possible low cost wheels πŸ™‚ not sure if it isn’t contradictory πŸ™‚


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