Me & Autopilot

  1. First week of AP: it was a stress, attention to the lanes, to the other drivers, to the AP system itself. It was stressful.
  2. Next week: may be this is a good thing. Getting used to it. This is cool.
  3. The following week: this is just the best thing ever.
  4. A week of strong rain and wet pavement: this is not that great, this is terrible.
  5. Weekly driving 90 km per day: this is amazing.
  6. A week of highway +200 km driving everyday: this is awesome. Did I just take a nap?!!
  7. Conclusions: driving each day to work and back with AP is a must, relaxing, useful; for highway driving really long distances, 200 km and above, it’s a matter of taking really the time to understand that the brain gets sleepy very easily… Micro sleeping?! Huum, think again… Micro sleeping becomes very easily a nice nap… Know yourself and the system. Stop frequently. Take a nap with the car STOPPED.

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