Driving with no battery

Driving with no battery in the key fob 🙂

How do you open the car? How do you drive the car?

To open the car: place the key fob in the passanger windshield wiper and press the passenger door handle. Don’t rush: it’s a slow process. You may have to adjust the position of the key fob. It works, it opens the car. Detail: it only works if the option “open only the driver’s door” is off. It’s an important detail. And it’s not in the current Manual version.

To drive the car: place the key fob under the 12 V plug in the central console and the car “starts” in the usual way, you can now drive it.

These are the basic instructions, don’t forget the detail

Question: after opening and driving, you arrive somewhere, you are still with no battery in your key fob, how do you securely close the car?


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