A Tesla in the yard

I’m redoing the charging infrastructure, including upgrading the wiring, from 4 mm2 to 6 mm2 in section.

Yesterday, passing by Leroy Merlin, I asked for wire with section of 6 mm2 (I was almost positive they did not have it but asked anyway, it would have saved me another stop to get the wire). Dialog with the clerk:

– Do you have copper wire with three conductors with section of six square millimeters? (Pt: seis milímetros quadrados de secção)

He starts looking for it and says: – Well, I think that we don’t have square wire… (he fixated himself in the word “square” quadrados, and nothing else mattered to him).

I asked again, reinforcing SECTION and the 6 mm2 section I need… He repeats that he does not have square wire. I gave up.

The car is parked outside, so that I can lay the 6 mm2 new wire I got elsewhere, not at Leroy Merlin, thank goodness.



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