Le Mans

A pit stop, of course. It’s Le Mans. This is a racing car, of course. A pit stop par La Gendarmerie, of course, c’est Le Man, bien sur.

They wanted to see the car, the best car in the world.

Having dinner while it fully charged
Les moulles, ça c’est bon, moulles et frites


Two previous old stalls
8 new stalls
Chademo? No!
Not a bad Wh consumption


Beauty among beauty.



That’s one small stop for a car, one giant leap for mankind.

The original? “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind”. First words from Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11, landing on the moon, 20 July 1969.


Beautiful. Very beautiful.

The waiting time to go on, the time to show yourself to the loo

IMG_20160831_143311La belle voiture dans le beau jardin.

C’est du Michelin, il faut remarquer
Très paisible
You can go for it, after he finishes the pool tests, the car will finish charging much earlier 🙂
Time to go, to yet another supercharger

The superchargers, 1st @Bayonne, 2nd @Bordeaux

The superchargers are super. There are no words to describe the emotion when connecting for the first time to a supercharger stall… It’s absolutely incredible, amazing. It’s better than what they advertise and promote: it’s magical.

The first time using the supercharger with the RS232C Tesla Model S 85D 🙂 I am slightly, just slightly, emotional @Bayonne yesterday, Aug 30

Two of the stalls were ICEd even though the parking was empty, go figure.

Today, just now, arrived @Bordeaux, 4 stalls and 4 new one’s coming soon.

Preparing the arrival of the Model 3?


I’m in Burgos. It’s 3.30 AM and I’m without charge. Tomorrow it’s another day. Arriving here from Lisbon, it has been a huge big omongous pain. For EVs Portugal is heaven compared to Spain. Really. Spain is a pain: with or no rain, a plain pain Spain. Sometimes not so plain, but a pain.

How much does my battery charge

Back in March 29, 2016, I depleted the battery down to 7 km of range, roughly 1% at an average consumption of 165 kWh/km for the past 10 km (you can have this average readout for the last driven 10, 25 or a 50 km interval). Then charged it up to 100% at 18 A. I never published here the results, except in the videos in the YouTube channel. Why? Because I thought I wasn’t grasping the full meaning of the procedure, or its caveats, or its limitations and truthfulness.

Five full months later, with a hopefully better knowledge of the car and its readouts, I’m depleting the battery again and recharging it up to 100% again. Some conclusions and comparisons will follow. Or the other way around.

Edit: I started the process of not charging regularly in order to deplete the battery; than I decided on going to London by car, the Model S, and the test was postponed. It will be done as soon as I return from London.

7 months

IMG_20160819_002119 - copy
IMG_20160819_002015 - copy

August normally means driving a rented car somewhere, not at home. This time it was the 2nd leg of the USA coast to coast trip, an auto gear Nissan Altima, paying for fuel, smelling the fumes, the slow reaction to the gas pedal, the breaking with no regeneration, the noise, the vibrations, the oquard user interface, the clock manual setting when traversing yet another timezone, all part of that hopufelly soon to be dead package: the old dinassoric way of driving an ICE petrol car.

Did I miss our Tesla Model S 85D? Tremendously. I wish we could have brought it with us to the USA trip! But we are back, now here on the road with Tesla!

Houston, no problems

For this 2nd leg of our coast to coast traversing of the USA we decided to start from where we finished last year, the superchargers at Houston.

A white Model S 70, supercharging in Houston, July 31
Owned by a young couple, this solid white Tesla Model S 70 has no power lift rear gate, and at the time of purchase it was a very smart choice for a “low” cost S ownership
Getting ready for the Tesla wife photos
To the left of the superchargers, in front of the Houston store, one S and one X, soon to be joined by the X we tested