How much does my battery charge

Back in March 29, 2016, I depleted the battery down to 7 km of range, roughly 1% at an average consumption of 165 kWh/km for the past 10 km (you can have this average readout for the last driven 10, 25 or a 50 km interval). Then charged it up to 100% at 18 A. I never published here the results, except in the videos in the YouTube channel. Why? Because I thought I wasn’t grasping the full meaning of the procedure, or its caveats, or its limitations and truthfulness.

Five full months later, with a hopefully better knowledge of the car and its readouts, I’m depleting the battery again and recharging it up to 100% again. Some conclusions and comparisons will follow. Or the other way around.

Edit: I started the process of not charging regularly in order to deplete the battery; than I decided on going to London by car, the Model S, and the test was postponed. It will be done as soon as I return from London.


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