Dartford – Bluewater Parkway

After Maidstone, going en route to London, you can find, and stop – not that you need it! – the Bluewater Parkway @Dartford. It’s a Shopping Centre and it has 5 stalls. This is one of the few places (I found anotherone in the USA) that has an odd number of stalls. This means there is a favorite one: stall n. 3A because it is the 5th one and there is no stall n. 3B. Which means you don’t have to share any charging with a nonexistent 3B stall. Brilliant!

While there I saw three Model S coming and going: a 85, a 85D and a brand new 90D. This is a place where you come to do whatever everybody does in a shopping mall. But a Model S owner does a little bit more: he parks, he puts his car to charge, goes to do his/her business, when coming back a while later the car is fully charged, or almost fully charged most of the time, the superchargers are really that fast. I call it the win-win life style. What else could you want? Ah, if not yet an owner, I do strongly advise you to become one. It really and practically pays for itself, free charging for life. That’s life.



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