Keeping track of the visited superchargers, next in line, visited on September 1st, 14.00 h sharp, after the tunnel traversal, is Maidstone: it is installed in a private piece of land, it clearly seems it is owned by Tesla since it even has a “dynamic barrier” (pardon my French) that can be put to block the cars’ passage. And the only thing installed in that particular secluded piece of land are the supercharger stalls. This is the first time I have ever encountered supercharger stalls isolated from everything else – no hotel, no food or coffee house, no nothing. Neither in other parts of Europe nor in the United States did I ever see such a structure or installation, and I’ve seen quite a number of supercharger installations, believe me: a trip done Aug 2015 from Miami to Houston, going by the Keys, and this year, Aug again, from Houston to Las Vegas, me and my wife chased superchargers. I did it too in Belgium, Netherlands, France and now the UK. In every one of the installations we saw there was always something. Want anything else than charging? Go elsewhere šŸ™‚ Here you get only the charging you need, generally a most needed charge.



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