Went to a Tesla store on Oxford Street to see if there was a X to do a test. There wasn’t, only the S. The Tesla store is just in front of Selfridges. Two icons.

IMG_20160904_141046 IMG_20160904_140930

Side note: no J1772 adapter in Europe, always Mennekes on the car side. At the other side, as far as I know:

  • 5 pin red plug for three phase 16 A for 11 kW (small red 5 pin plug, Tesla’s charger)
  • or 5 pin big red plug three phase 32 A for 22 kW (Tesla’s charger does not allow 22 kW, you have to get a charger that goes up to 22 kW, the Wallbox-ok at http://www.efimarket.com for example)
  • blue big plug three pin single phase up to 32 A for 7 kW
  • Schuko plug mono phase up to 13 A for 3 kW

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