27 today, one month after

Tesla opened in Portugal exactly 1 month ago. Now that we have the local sales, test drives, financing, deliveries and warranty, we now need the physical Stores, the Service Center and the superchargers. That is not a lot to ask, is it?! OK, I admit it is a lot to ask! But can it be done ASAP?! Thank you!

Jorge Milburn Tesla rep Spain&Portugal speaking at Fista17 green solutions event, @ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, Feb 22nd. Thank you Jorge Milburn for accepting the invitation, it was awesome that you could find a way to participate in the event.

I was there 20170113

Still recovering but I would not miss the day Tesla filmed and did the drone video captures in Portugal for the video to be used on the launch of Tesla Portugal for January 27.

A group of Tesla owners followed the Tesla crew around, almost the full day, “If you are here it means we can trust you guys that no word will get out on what we are doing! After the 27 you can publish wherever you want and say <<I was there!>>, but until the launch on the 27 we are in secretiv stealth mode!”, the Tesla rep words, give or take, something like that! And yes, I was there! And some other secretive owners!

We went to places, several, and the start was Belém, because of the 8 May 2016 Tesla owners meeting to ask for Tesla in Portugal! And it happened! Much sooner than we expected!

A bunch of us, following the Tesla filming crew 🙂
The place where the May 8 2016 Tesla owners meeting happened to ask Tesla for a local store and service center; the place where the video for Tesla Portugal started January 13 2017 for the Tesla launch the 27; the place from where Portugal gave new worlds to the world

The intermezzo

It has not been easy, I’ve been reacting to some medication that, instead of curing and preventing illness, the stuff was little by little poisoning me. I was all the time feeling sick, having allergy episodes again and again, the medication that should protect me for the winter was, in fact, making me weak, and day by day, week by week, I was getting pretty tired of all the time being sick. Enough is enough. Problem source detected, like solving a puzzle or a crime and I’m finally feeling I’m gaining back my life!

Meanwhile, Tesla became just Tesla, from Tesla Motors. They started to operate in Portugal. And the Spain&Portugal Tesla Rep will do a talk at a Lisbon University, check this out: FISTA17, organized by students, managed to have, among others, several top companies, including Tesla: Jorge Milburn, from Tesla, will do here a presentation on February 22, 14:30h. Looking forward to it!