You see it and the title says it all “Tesla just opened the first store in Portugal with a Model X in display”. You open the link and read the text, to confirm the bait title. It seems true, since the magazine is credible.
You go visit the said new store to congratulate them in person: “- Finally!” – you expect to tell them with the Tesla smile!

You arrive, you ask for directions at the Information counter, “Can you tell me where is the new Tesla store?”, and the clerk says “Yes, there’s an event there, to your right and than left.” An event? Not a store?! “They have a car there, before the stairs, in display”.

So, there you have it, a display.
Not a store, as they say.
Why do they have this stupid need to lye.

They? The ones publishing and writing about vapor as real. The car is there, we need the store.

(If you want to pay 1000€ less,
for your new X or S,
this is your link: just press)


One thought on “Why?

  1. People complain a lot about sites like electrek, or teslarati beeing just “Tesla fan boys”, but at least they don’t lie in the titles. I expected more than clickbait from that magazine, sad.


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