Portugal, part 1, how to get here

From France your best bet is Bayonne – Burgos. From Burgos Supercharger go to Parador de Salamanca, 5 charging points @ 22 kW, two of them are Tesla Destination Chargers, the other three are 5 pin red plugs @ 22 kW. They charge you 16€ for the charge, no time limit, it’s the garage night fee. From Salamanca you can go to Coimbra or to Covilhā / Fundāo. At Covilhā you can charge at Serra Shopping, plenty of 5 pin red plug 11 kW. It’s free, enjoy a meal while you charge. For the rest you can charge at thr 50 kW chargers, each with CHAdeMO / CCS / Mennekes 43 kW. These chargers are all compatible with the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter. Or you can use the Mennekes @ 11 kW, 16 kW (the new “high power”) or 22 kW if you have dual chargers. For the chargers you need a Mobi.e card (see follow up posts).

PCR Ponto de Carga Rapida, Fast Charging Point, you find where they are with Electromaps.com or the App
cartoes para carregamento 1~2
This is a Mobi.e card for charging in Portugal

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