Portugal, part 3, using the local CHAdeMO chargers

You need to press 4 buttons. Two buttons to start the charging process. Another two buttons to finish the charge. The first two buttons are on the fast charger panel and with them you select CHAdeMO and Start. The other two buttons, one is the Tesla button on the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter, the other is the top button on the CHAdeMO plug (black in the old plugs, white in the new plugs) to disconnect it from the Tesla adapter. And you are good to go. You don’t even have the language barrier as a barrier per se, this step by step should be enough.

First things first: this step by step procedure works every single time. It has been working since I’m using my Tesla CHAdeMO adapter with the local CHAdeMO chargers, all of them, the old ones, the new ones, the single charge ones and the ones that provide DC and AC simultaneous charging. The following steps are only for the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter connected to the local fast chargers CHAdeMO connector.

This is a two parts procedure: the hardware part – connecting and disconnecting the plugs -, and the software part – selecting the charge. The hardware action happens in the beginning – connecting the car -, and in the end, releasing the car. The software action happens in the middle, initiating the charging process.

  1. Start by connecting the charger CHAdeMO plug to your Tesla CHAdeMO adapter. Confirm that it is really connected and it doesn’t desingage.
  2. Connect the Mennekes end of your Tesla CHAdeMO adapter to the car. Your Tesla will lock on the adapter.
  3. With these first two steps you disabled any timeout, once you set the charging the connectors are already in place, and the charger begins its charging process.
  4. Go to the control screen and present the Mobi.e card, it’s enough to old it in place until the charger starts to validate it.
  5. The screen now shows the three choice possibilities, press the top right button for CHAdeMO. This is your first button to press.
  6. The screen now shows another menu, just press again the top right button that says “Iniciar”, and the charger should start almost immediately charging. This is your second button to press.
  7. If the charger is not capable of simultaneous charging it will show all the time you are there the info on the charge: the elapsed time (mm:ss), the energy used (kW) and your battery level (%). If it’s a simultaneous enabled DC / AC charger it will present again the login screen so that someone else can use the Mennekes AC 43 kW plug.
  8. Charging time: it should be around 30 minutes. If no one else arrives during your 30 minutes you can go on with your charging needs. Out of courtesy and respect for the other users, after the 30 minutes if someone arrives and if she/he needs the CHAdeMO plug, politeness dictates that you should provide it.
  9. It goes without saying that you are free to walk away for the first 30 minutes, after that a “stay nearby the car” policy should be observed, in case someone in desperate need arrives.
  10. Ending your charging session is as simple as pressing a button: press the Tesla button on your Tesla CHAdeMO adapter, and keep it pressed until you hear that the car released your connector. This is your third button to press.
  11. With the button still pressed pull your Tesla CHAdeMO adapter from the car. Press the black button (older CHAdeMO plugs) or latch the white button (newer CHAdeMO plugs) and MAKE SURE you keep a firm control of the CHAdeMO plug, don’t let it hit the ground. This is your forth button to press.
  12. Tuck away your Tesla CHAdeMO adapter. Correctly place the CHAdeMO plug in its resting socket. Et bon voyage! It was a pleasure charging your Tesla 😉

For your convenience some photos illustrate the charging steps.

Older model, CCS & Mennekes on the left, CHAdeMO on the right
Connect the CHAdeMO plug to the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter, connect the Mennekes end to the car, you should hear the car locking on it. It’s a heavy combo: be gentle when connecting to the car and releasing it from your hands
Present the Mobi.e card by pressing it flat against the card screen area until it starts to validate it
“Verificando o cartão” = Verifying the card
Press the top right button for CHAdeMO
You have already connected the charger to your car, just press the upper right button “Iniciar”, Start

Edit: with the full post already written twice, WordPress crashed for the 2nd time… Several photos and their descriptions are gone. I’m a bit tired, really. I’ll catch with you later. … … … So this is later:

This is an example of a SOC State of Charge after 30 minutes, on a Model S. The charger will not stop and, provided there’s no one waiting, one can go on filling one’s charging needs
To finish your charging session just press the button on your Tesla CHAdeMO adapter, keep it pressed until you hear the car unlocking, pull the plug from the car with the button still pressed. This signals the charger that the session ended. Only after this step you should disconnect the CHAdeMO plug from the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter pressing on the black button (older plugs) or sliding the white button (newer plugs)
Charging with a newer version of the CHAdeMO plug. When disconnecting the CHAdeMO plug from your Tesla CHAdeMO adapter, MAKE SURE you keep a firm control of the CHAdeMO plug, don’t let it hit the ground
Several new chargers enable DC/AC charging at the same time

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