Portugal, part 4, surfing the charging Web

Your best companion and info source on where to charge in Portugal, for the Mobi.e network or any other charging point, is a webpage and/or App called electromaps: the local EV community logs there on a regular basis to report on the charging points status. Moreover, recently entry logs by foreigners visiting the country can also be found. This explains the wide variety of comments’ languages: local people tend to write in Portuguese, Spanish people tend to write in Spanish and visitors tend to write in English. Iconic feedback and numeral notations eases the info gathering on power, availability, working status, access and number of charging points.

Different user experiences at the exact same place might result in apparent incoherent information: the data is added by users, it can be right, or wrong because of ignorance, or it can really reflect the user experience. A very recent example: at a very well known place where charge is available at 22 kW 24/7 at a cost of 16€, one user was billed 0€. Different user experiences implies different reports, even for the same place. These differences aren’t the norm but they happen. Generally speaking I find the info to be trustworthy but YMMV, your mileage may vary. A very useful info is the status reports done by users when passing by. It’s a good indication for regularly used spots, not so good when the last entry is 6 months old. I would advise you to add any info on any point you use: everybody wins.

It pays doing the homework at home, prior to departure, may be to trace a main plan A and an hypothetical alternative plan B. It’s not easy to browse the electromaps.com website on your Tesla screen while waiting for the charge to finish somewhere on any of your stops. Practice shows that the electromaps website and the Tesla Web navigator, even in 8.1, do not make a good match for now, navigation is slow. Is it the site? Is it the browser? May be it’s both: doing a simple zoom on the electromaps map isn’t that simple. The App is an altogether different positive experience, it’s very fast and more intuitive.

By default electromaps opens with all options on: from 2 kW to 50 kW. You want to search those more convenient kW chargers, the filter does that for you.

The type of photo you get published by users, not always updated with the power details. It’s a Schuko and a red three phase plug: is it 11 or 22 kW, 4 or 5 pin? Sometimes you get to know the details when you get there. Fortunately more and more entries are corrected or added with the complete info attached
Your plugs’ source
Screen example when filtering with +22 kW, this includes the PCR fast chargers, most of them 50 kW. There’s another 50 kW fast charger at Palmela, near Setubal, but the zoom doesn’t show it, it’s being counted in the 7 at Lisbon. The color scheme is pretty obvious, green OK, orange some problem, red not working, the details a click away, have a nice browsing

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