Portugal, part 5, same network but not for you

Browsing the plugs’ web you might find some dealers chargers, a blessing when the resources are scarce.

In the past, Spain could only be traversed with the help of some of these charging points. But Tesla evolved from that cute “new kid in town” to the serious contender allover the place and businesses: Tesla the menace.

Even if in Portugal it’s the same Mobi.e card that operates these chargers, the ownership of these chargers are theirs, the dealers. If some exceptions would still allow Tesla owners to charge, as time passes by and Tesla is a serious contender less and less dealers are willing to let you use their chargers, and the general attitude is now “No, no more candy for you”.

Phoning in advance might give you another impression: “- Yes, you can charge here, in the store’s opening hours”. And you are filled with joy, and your hope in the human race grows again, to discover, may be too late, that when you arrive he sees the car: “- You didn’t tell me you would be charging a Tesla, no way, and it’s not my problem or fault if you run out of charge”. And there was a three year old child in the back seat of that Tesla. True story.

There are some exceptions. There’s a known dealer that accepts that you charge, Divensa – Badajoz. They bill you 10€, whatever the time you stay there. Be sure that your charging time is within working hours.

With the current network and infrastructure these petty behaviours luckily have almost no impact, you plan with what you have, today more than yesterday, with a bit of planning it is plenty.



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