Portugal, part 6, superchargers

Disclaimer: this post was originally written before the permit issued and actual work started in Tordesillas; and also before the new permit for Manzanares was issued. If the time that the Burgos Superchargers took to be available is put into the equation, all of the following text still makes sense 🙂

Since 2014 that the superchargers have been promised, planned, advertised. Tesla dixit. “Winter of 2014”, they said. That 2014 winter is gone. Likewise 2015 and 2016. And today? Still a promise, for soon. When will it be?

If you look to the current installed working superchargers you clearly see a wall in Spain: draw a vertical line starting in Burgos. To the left the desert. To the right plenty of superchargers, more than double the initial plans.

Is Spain blocking Tesla drivers to arrive to Portugal? This geometry is pretty clear, it shows easy access to the south of Spain. Tesla drivers wanting to come to Portugal have to invest in planning and know about the easy way to arrive here: the Salamanca corridor. Stop at Parador de Salamanca for a charge boost with their 22 kW Destination Chargers, more than enough to arrive to Covilhã.

Winter of 2014 promised route to Portugal, not yet

Locally you will be very OK with the Mobi.e card. Go to the site, key in your name, email & password to create an account (don’t loose it). Add your phone and address. In ten days you should receive your card. Others have it already. Use electromaps App to navigate the local 50 kW fast chargers and other sources. You can drive your Tesla here.

50 kW fast charger, 10 to 20 minutes charge it’s enough to get to the next one, 40 to 100 km apart, your YMMV, see electromaps App

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