Nearer, Tordesillas Supercharger

Almost done, 540 km away, 467 km from Santarem PCR (since Abrantes and Fundao PCRs are still off). And from Santarem PCR to Parador de Salamanca (Destination Charger) it’s 375 km, going up… Either you have a very good battery and light foot or you still have to stop somewhere to do a short fill…

Either way, Tordesillas is good news in our local desert of superchargers and some Unidentified For On local PCRs that were once working (and very well, thank you very much) and suddenly, soon after being on, were shutdown. For some kind of electoral gimiks?, one might ask… Politics…

Waiting… This slow passing of time seems slower for each negotiation one has to endure to secure a safe arrival to supercharging territory… Tordesillas is almost done, and with it the hope rises for newer faster nearer in time supercharging.

From here

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