Time will tell

Spain has been high on Supercharger installs! It is common to see 5 points in the works, even in places very near to where Superchargers already exist. Wouldn’t it be nice to see some of those installs be placed further West? I clearly see an invisible barrier in the advancement of the Superchargers towards the West… Too bad we are in the far side of that … West.

West, the final frontier, where the land meets the sea…
And here we are, yet no Superchargers for us to see…

Congrats to the Spanish people, one more Supercharger location (with 10 charging stalls) already online and working, installed in a record time, and – surprise – so very near to another already existing Supercharging infrastructure!

cone: building site; red: installed; blue: permit asked; green: my personal markings for new Supercharger locations, based on digging the Web and Tesla published info over time; see how Granada, Manzanares and Tordesillas (near Valladolid) nailed previous green markings; and you have to love Girona and Barcelona, so few Supercharger stalls that one saddens for their bad luck.

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