The share paradigm

The private car makes no sence since it stays unused for long periods of time, with it’s owner paying a lot for using a little. So, the idea is the share system, where you use on the go, you don’t own it, you pay per use. Maintenance (whatever maintenance is needed), small repairs, tires air pressure, these details will be taken care of by someone, not you the user. Oh, there’s already something similar called renting?!

From this number crunching perspective, private houses make no sence: most of the time you are at work, you don’t use your (!) house, you should only pay per use, the hours you sleep in. The same goes for any other piece of hardware you now own: your PC (Personal Computer), your smart phone, your whatever…

This reminds me a boss that demonstrated that no 24 bit per pixel (bpp) colour video boards would be needed: at that time the max resolution was 768×1024 pixels, and he rightfully said “you only need 768 k colours, there’s no need for 24 bpp!”. That’s the static number crunching reasoning at work. He would not grasp or understand that at some point the access to the 16 M 24 bpp colours had to be done, even if just for a transient brief moment, to edit those colours, and it was absolutely mandatory to have the on board 24 bpp to free choose what colours the final edit would be.

For the unused house during the day, you could devise a system where someone else would use your house while you are at work not using it. I can’t remember any business that could benefit from using parts of the house rented by the hour. Can you think of something?! No, thank you!

Call me old fashion, I want my car to seat still, wating for me, for me to edit whatever color I want any time of the day, evening or night in my car’s paint system!

24 bpp is mandatory, as is 24/7 access – but that’s me, YMMV

2 thoughts on “The share paradigm

  1. If you just think of a service like Uber but without the driver, it will make sense not to own a car.

    Somewhere in the future….

    You will use that driverless servicefor day-to-day stuff and then rent a driveable car for your weekend or vacation trips.

    You will do that not because it’s the best solution, but because it will be the cheapest.
    If you have enough money to own your car better!

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  2. In London, where you go by bus or tube everywhere, people tend not to buy the car, just renting it by the hour when needed. For vacation they use traditional renting.
    Might work. Provided public transportation is plenty, fast, & not too expensive.
    If you commute, you might need the Personal Car (PC), pun commuted.


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